Additional Services

Can Components

We custom-make different can components as per specific customer requirements. High quality closures and components produced at our facility include:

  • Single tight (ST)
  • Double tight (DT)
  • Triple tight (3T)
  • Slip lid
  • Pilfer proof (PP) cap
  • Pull-out spout
  • Easy open-end

Plant & Machinery

MEMC is capable of producing versatile containers of varying capacity using cutting-edge technology and equipment.The fully integrated and automated manufacturing facility, skilled workforce and electronic monitoring at various stages of the production ensure product consistency and quality over the long-run. To complement our strength, we have high-speed printing and coating machines, an efficient tool room, a machine shop and a stockyard.

MEMC has the following machinery & equipment at its facility:

  • Printing Machine (Cabree coater with LTG oven)
  • Double Colour Printing Machine
  • Coating Machine (Cabree coater with LTG oven)
  • Automatic Cutting Machines
  • Semi Automatic Cutting Machines
  • Automatic Press Lines
  • Press Machines
  • Fully Automatic Lines
  • Semi Automatic Lines
  • Other allied portable and handheld machines