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AT Extends TV Watching to More Devices With Launch of U DALLAS,
Cheap NFL jerseys Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ The country’s fastest growing and top rated TV service is coming to more devices nationwide. Using the power of its AT U verse IPTV platform, AT is quickly making content and features available across more screens and devices, and today announced two innovative ways to watch hit TV shows. AT and Microsoft today announced the Oct. 15 launch of U verse TV on Xbox 360 for U verse customers, which lets you enjoy the U verse TV experience on your existing Xbox 360 device, replacing the need for an extra receiver in your home. to offer live TV service through an Xbox 360. AT also announced the upcoming launch of U verse Mobile for Windows Phone 7 devices. Beginning in November, the popular U verse Mobile app will be preloaded so that any AT wireless customer with a Windows Phone 7 device whether or not they are a U verse TV customer can download and watch hit TV shows while they’re on the go. This is the first

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